Fairtex Equipment Company Limited is Thai Company; the exporter and manufacturer of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts equipment & apparel. We export the goods worldwide with over 30 distributors in different countries and we have our own sale office in USA and China.

Our mission is to manufacture only premium product and provide the best service to customer. We focus on innovation that improve an athlete‘s performance and lift up the standard of industry. The attitude of Fairtex people is to provide only the best craftsmanship, the best material and the best service.

We have very clear differentiation and positioning in the market. We are the only manufacturer that also run Muay Thai camp in Thailand, USA and Japan. Our product has been tested by world famous fighter and athletes who have trained with us or supported by us. We are brand-oriented company. We are always open for feedback and suggestion to improve product and service. With experience more than 43 years, you can trust in our brand because combat sports is our expertise, our root and passion!